Reiki is a form of holistic medicine used in Japan. It was developed in 1922 by Mikao Usui. It is a transfer of universal energy. This practice speeds up the healing in the body, balances the mind, and brings out spiritual gifts. A reiki treatment is simple, easy, and very effective. You will feel relaxed, clear, and refreshed.

Yogi Emmanuelle stands for the Love and Light frequency. The strongest and highest vibration that is awakening humanity. He is an intuitive being who loves to share his gifts and talents of Yoga, Reiki, Chanelling, and many others psychic and healing gifts. He is a strong Teacher and a Leader in many communities! He embodies divine presence and holds the highest reflection of that which is You. Take a moment and ask yourself,  are you ready to sit with Yogi Emmanuelle?  Each Session is $150.00, special pricing for multiple sessions. Tax is extra, by appointment only. (CAD)